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Another week has come and gone and the Customer Experience world is buzzing as always. Each Thursday, I summarize and send all the best and most talked about articles, uploaded to the Blog.

And here they are:

How to turn a negative customer experience into a positive one

If you are anything like me, you value your customers and desire to establish long lasting business relationships with them. Unfortunately, that is not always the case as evident from various studies. Here some facts by Collin Tate on how to turn a negative customer experience into a positive one.

Nine customer experience blunders from well known brands

Bad customer experience is not only evident in small business but also in renowned global businesses. Here is a list by David Moth of nine customer experience blunders that international brands have done in the past. This article literally shocked me to the core.

Technology meets Customer Experience at Dreamforce

Dreamforce is one of the international salesforce conferences that attract entrepreneurs and sales representatives from all across the globe. If you missed last week’s conference, here is a recap on what was discussed about technology and customer experience. Prepared by Blair Linville.

Google, Zappos, Uber and Foursquare: How Consumer Data Drives Better customer experiences.

During this week’s PSFK’s Future of Retail Forum held in San Francisco, Google, Zappos Labs and Foursquare put into perspective the benefits of using consumer data drives to improve customer experiences. Read this article by Kelly Liyakasa on how you too can better your customer’s experience.

Customer Experience: The Reality of Understanding the customer

There is no doubt that one has to first understand customers in order to deliver the best customer experience and stay on top of the game. Dan Bentz takes a deeper look at hidden facts about customer experience.

How to Improve Customer Experience in Large Businesses

I recently wrote an article on how large businesses can improve customer experience. Here it is again, if you missed it.

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