This Week’s Top CX Articles

1# The Art of Easy: Make It Easy to Deliver Great Customer Service Experience

Every successful business can attest to the fact that customer service plays an important role in their success. This is based on the fact that it determines reputation and credibility of business. Kathryn Perry takes a look at way of delivering top level customer service experience to customers always.

2# Personalization- The Secret To Better Customer Experience

Personalization is one of the surest ways of offering good customer experience. Most of the ads online fail to achieve their expected results because they do not relate with the customers well. Michael Brenners offers some secrets on how personalization can improve customer experience.

3# The Only CEO Who Matters

The most important person in a business is the Customer. Hence, it is of paramount importance for business to give the best to customers always. Annette Franz looks at why Customer is the premier CEO in your business.

4# Customer Experience: 3 Companies That Get It

Earlier, on we wrote on the benefits of giving your customers the best service before and after sale. Now, Fernand Florez reviews three global companies that offer great customer experience to clients.

5# Where You Should Increase Your Spending In Online Customer Experience

Customer experience plays an important role in success of any business. You need to learn how to invest in it to get the best results. Here is an article I personally wrote on where you should invest your money when striving to improve customer experience.


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