This Week’s Best in CX News

This week’s best in Customer Experience presents articles on effective communication, improving the multi-channel customer experience, and even the next-generation for next-gen customer experience.

1.100 Amazing Customer Experience Resources for 2015
In this article by Customer Thermometer, they link you to the top 100 customer experience, customer service or customer satisfaction resources.

2.Improving the Multi-Channel Customer Experience

Danny Bluestone’s article he outlines five key principles to help you put users at the center of your own CE strategy.

3.Customer Experience: It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It
In this article by Blake Morgan, she looks at the importance of communication and in particular, the way we deliver our message. By the end of this article, you’ll be convinced of the importance of training to provide your employees with the very best communication skills.

4.Customer Experience Helps Customers Complete Their Shopping
In Roy Goffer’s article he looks at the role of exceptional customer experience in customer shopping experiences. In particular, he outlines ways to help customers make shopping decisions, how to deliver your message in style, and how to leverage a better internet experience for all.

5.The Building Blocks of Next-Gen Customer Experience 
Finally we look at the Customer Lifetime Value and five ways to make sure your team isn’t left behind in the dynamic purchasing environment of the future.

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