This Week’s Best in Customer Experience

From improving roadmap design, to examples of extraordinary (and viral) Thank You Campaigns to improve CX, this week’s best present thoughtful challenges to us all.

1. Customer Experience Maturity Roadmap

Lynn Husaker wrote this article about exceptional roadmap design and its work in achievement of sustained ROI in customer experience. If you’re looking to achieve a strong CX maturity model framework, Husaker’s graphics and excellent outline will surely be of assistance.

2. 5 Steps to Align Contact Center KPIs with Customer Experience Strategies
Stefan Captijn’s article will help you align your customer experience strategy with contact centre KPIs. This article provides excellent information about the customer effort score and other important metrics.

3. Digital Transformation Goes Beyond Customer Experience
This article by Phil Wainewright helps break down some of the most important themes in the recent report by Altimeter Group entitled “The 2014 State of Digital Transformation.” Wainewright’s article emphasizes some of the most critical parts of the report and some important impressions that the author was left to reflect on.

4. The Keys to Exceptional Customer Experience, From Visionary CMOs of Travel

This article by Robert Reiss outlines an interview with the heads of three travel companies to discuss their customer loyalty strategies and provide us with a glimpse into some of the most effective strategies from the very best.

5. Video – The Epitome of Outstanding Customer Experience

This video describes the recent TD Thank You Campaign, which was an emotionally appealing way to reinforce commitment to CX and while launching a viral social media presence. Once you’ve seen the video, you’ll understand just why this Thank You was so successful.


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