The Week’s Articles Reads in CX

This Week’s Best in Customer Experience addresses the B2B customer experience, frustration free CX and even the changing role of retail customer experience.

1. No Small Change: Rethinking the Retail Customer Experience

In this article by Tricia Morris she argues it’s time to make some serious improvements to the digital experience in retail. With some excellent statistics to inform her work, this article helps make the case for a more informed CX.

2. Secrets of a Frustration-Free Customer Service Experience
Micah Solomon’s article on frustration-free customer service experience offers up some great tips on how to avoid antiquated customer service delivery. All of his tips are important ones as they help your customers interact in a genuine and meaningful way.

3. Business-to-Business Customer Experience: What’s it Like?
Lynn Hunsaker’s article evaluates the importance of B2B CX. If you’re interested in building strong relationships with your suppliers and finding a better fit for your customers, then Hunsaker’s article is for you.

4.Customer Experience Q&A with @SDL
In this article by Ted Rubin, he interviews @SDL about building customer loyalty, and the next big trend in customer experience management.

5.  This Fall Don’t Let Customer Relationships Turn Cold: 5 Tips

Finally in this article we give you some important tips to manage customer relationships especially now that the cold weather has moved in. From bumping up your social media presence to finding the CE priority in your executive management, this article will help you find some new ways to establish CE in your operating model.


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