The Ultimate Customer Experience Multimedia Library

I’ve written many different types of articles over the years including informative pieces, humorous rants, and helpful solutions. While some were more helpful than others, they’re all creative or unique in their own way. After taking a look at all my old blog posts, I compiled a list of media posts that I consider to be the more creative, sophisticated, smart and innovative videos or infographics I’ve ever written about. In the following list you’ll find some great infographics and videos covering all sorts of topics ranging, but not limited to, customer loyalty, guaranteeing customer retention, e-commerce and so much more! I hope you enjoy my hand selected pick of my favorite media posts!

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1. Great Video: The Evolution of Customer Experience


2. Video: 7 Customer Experience Secrets to Guarantee Customer Retention for your Online Insurance Services


3. Important Infographic: Creating a Great Customer Experience

4. Video: Eliminate Your E-Commerce Customer Frustration

5. Lovely Infographic: The Road to Loyal Customers


6. Powerful Infographic: The CX Pyramid


7. Important Video: 3 Ways to Spark a CX Executive Epiphany


8. Great Video: From Service to Experience


9. Great Video: The Evolution of Customer Experience


10. Great Infographic: The Best in CX

2015 ACSI E-Business Customer Experience Benchmark Leaders (PRNewsFoto/American Customer Satisfaction I)
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