4 Things Really Successful Online Banks Do Differently for a Greater Customer Experience

When it comes to your money, you expect banks to be up to date and also able to perform their job without you having to constantly double check to make sure everything got done properly. When you have to continuously check on the bank, you will become frustrated and seek out another bank which offers

Customer Satisfaction Index Formula

In modern times, Internet and globalization have provided numerous benefits to business organizations in almost every part of the world. However, they have also increased competition and given more opportunities or options to customers. Therefore, it has become a lot more difficult to satisfy customers and gain a competitive edge over your rivals. For years,

3 Customer Experience Enhancement Tips to Live and Die

So, now that we fully understand the customer experience cycle and what the different parts mean (and what is at stake in each one), the next thing to contemplate is customer experience enhancement. Understanding how this phenomenon works, and being able to formulate solid strategies to ensure better experiences (and more successful and complete ones)

The Customer Experience Framework Explained

What the heck is a customer experience framework? Man, there are so many buzzwords and duplicate terms in business, even with something as specific a topic as customer experience. We’ve talked about the cycle, the roadmap, the journey map, and the many phases of the experience. We’ve talked about how to enhance it, and how

Customer Experience Analytics you Should be Looking at

Anyone with some level of experience in the post-digital business world knows of the importance of customer experience analytics. In the business universe, the customer’s sum experience with a company from awareness via marketing, to their research, actual consumption of a product or service, and any possible interactions via customer service or support are the

3 Tips for Improving Customer Experience

Improving customer experience can be a daunting task, given how complex customer experience can present itself to be. When a professional is asked how improvements may be made in this aspect, they will often flinch, because most models and explanations of customer experience are quite convoluted and confusing. What does customer experience actually entail? When