My Favorite Article this Week about Customer Experience

These days, technology occupies a huge space in our lives, and customer experience is an important part. We want to deliver the best service on any device. Want to find out how to improve your customer experience, and why only a few companies manage to deliver it? Find it all, and more, in this roundup. Below you can find the articles that I read this week that can help you improve your business.

The Golden Rules to The Six Pillars: Time and Effort

There are two key parts in customer experience; the time the customer is spending, and the effort the customer has to spend to achieve his or her objective. The important part is how the customer feels about the experience along the way. In this article David Conway gives six golden rules about lowering the customer’s time and effort, and the best way to improve their experience.

Have You Done These 3 Things To Improve Your CX?

If you want to excel at customer experience, you must focus on three things that affect customer behavior: hidden experience, emotional experience, and subconscious experience. Colin Shaw shows us that every company that excels in CX can predict customer behavior, identify the hidden CX and design for it, and link employee engagement to CX.

Why Only 1% of Companies Deliver an Excellent Customer Experience?

Every company knows that providing good customer experience creates customer loyalty and makes the company more profitable. So why do only a few companies do this? Hannah Alvarez, the author of this article, explains that there are four reasons why companies fail in customer experience.

6 Ways You Can Deliver A Customer Experience Worthy Of Your Customer’s Dime

Thanks to digital technology, customer demands can come through any channel, at any time, everywhere. The fact that customers today buy things not only in stores, means you must deliver great experience through any device, even the smallest one: mobile. So how is this possible? Shelly Dutton provides six ways to deliver coordinated, consistent customer experience.

7 Customer Experience Secrets To Guarantee Customer Retention For Your Online Insurance Services

In this article, we reveal seven ways to help online insurance service in customer experience. One way is to make sure your website guides the customer through every step along the way. Others include asking the customer to register and updating them about sales offers.

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