How to Develop an Integrated Customer Experience

Conversion and results are the two important factors normally expected from a successful marketing process all over the world. The excellence of the output of a company directly affects the conversion rate of the marketing method into sales according to the behavior, needs and experience of the customers. Thus the concept of management of integrated customer experience has becoming important rapidly for the success of any business.

While building relationship with customers the brands have to navigate through and understand the importance of a number of overwhelming websites, apps along with other digital platforms that are used by large number of people all over the world through various types of devices to improve their shopping experience.

How to Develop an Integrated Customer Experience

Improving Relationship With Customers

Companies can improve the relationship with their customers by becoming the part of the technological development and taking the advantage of increasing use of these electronic devices including smartphones, tablets and other digital platforms. It is important for the companies to keep in mind the proposals of developing integrated customer experience along with the background of customers while interacting with their customers through these electronic devices.

But it is also important to recognize your actual customers while using different digital platforms for taking advantage of customer experience. Controlling he customers is the main factor that helps businesses in this direction.

Control the Customer

It is necessary to control the customers on the basis of their needs as the whole concept of integrated customer experience is based on customer instead of technology. Customers are increasingly getting into the control of the technological development to fulfill their needs irrespective of their location and time. it can be revealed by a number of examples in this regard as all of them focused on the customer controlled at the center. If any brand does no react in this direction it can not be successful in the market.

Four Primary Needs to Control Customers

Searching and receiving entertainment Making, managing and using money Using the time in the best manner Inward and outward communication

Secondary needs to support primary needs

Secondary needs to control customers are equally important in many cases. Review, recommend, search, feedback, compare, discover, learn, reward, share, play, collaborate, create, receive and interact are some of the secondary needs for which people use these technologies for supporting the four primary needs. It can be easily understood with the help of few examples given hereunder.

Suppose a company has used technology for developing integrated customer experience. It has allured customers to maximize the use of Time to make lots of Money along with availing the opportunity of enjoying Entertainment. In order to provide and using all this information company creates a downloadable app for its customers.

Similarly suppose a charity institution wants to increase donation by improving awareness of people in this regard. for this they have to make it easy for their donors to donate their Money by saving their Time by means of SMS.

Most of the mobiles and tablets are used these days for improving another type of customers’ experience, Entertainment, by providing information through interaction with TVs.

Suppose a company is going to launch a funding program. They encourage people to create pictures if they wanted to appear on their website by developing an app. In this way company controls its customers through their secondary need of creating things.

In all of these examples it is clear that customer is in the center of all the activities and the digital technology is then used inside out to develop integrated customer experience through messages, products and services.

Benefits of an Integrated Customer Experience

Improving conversion rate by keeping promises: Main purpose of developing customer experience is to use the relevant and consistent customers for increasing conversion rate of the company. The company promises to fulfill the expectations of the customer which in turn increases conversions. In this way promises and conversions are interrelated. Though conversion is a technical term used by SEOs and tactic users but in fact they are popularly known in terms of share, click, interact and buy by the ultimate users of the technology. Thus your promise, call-to-action and customer experience all are the same thing in different packages.

Brand marketing and customers’ experience: It is crucial for a brand to use customer experience for its marketing. If your brand is liked by the users and all of the people in his personal connection irrespective of their identity, location and time then your brand will have reputation in the market. The perception about the reputation of your brand can be influenced only by a piece of content, misconception by any of your employees’ or interactions through social networks.

In present time the word of mouth has become more important than ever to loose confidence or trust, convert sale into buy as well as influencing the community in favor or against your brand. In this way if your brand has a strong position by developing integrated customer experience you can earn more profits.

Developing the Customers Experience

The availability of various methods and technologies including application optimizing sophisticated software, consistently complex loops, real life tests as well as simple or multi level tests has made it easy to improve customer experience for any brand. In fact it is a matter of using customer oriented culture available within the organization that can help in improving customer experience. But that is not enough in the present pretext.

Today in order to monitor the experience of multichannel users you will have to use various systems, mechanism and processes. In fact today conversion and customer experience have trespassed all the marketing activities and media channels because the customer has a number of sources of interaction to get information about your products.

All of these customers do not believe on media in real sense. It has become necessary for the companies to have a single view on their clients to achieve their targets. Thus using latest technologies for developing integrated customer experience has become necessary for the business world for its success.


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