How to Deliver World Class Customer Experience

Every business tries or at least wants to offer world class customer experience.  Customers too wish to enjoy the same experience when interacting with a business. However, it is all too common that  businesses fail to offer this experience and customers are left unsatisfied.

How to Deliver World Class Customer Experience

The increase in the exciting environment of internet and mobility due to introduction of a number of new mobile devices has compelled the entire communication industry to make drastic changes. In order to increase the customer’s loyalty and introduce new strategies to increase revenue, the communication service providers and their ecosystem partners should be able to think beyond their traditional marketing style, not only to maintain the growth of existing markets but also to create opportunities for prospective markets.

The strategies developed by the service providers will have to focus around their customers to transform their traditional outlook. But they will have to be careful while developing these strategies as they can lose customer loyalty and revenue both to their competitors if their strategies went on wrong direction.

According to market experts, customer experience can be widely divided into four categories according to their experience as under:

On the basis of brand and company: It depends upon the reputation of the service provider among public along with quality and value of individual brand. On the basis of products and services: Features, services, third-party products and equipment are the factors that collectively affect the customer experience in this category.

Pricing, eligibility, duration and discounting are some of the factors that influence the business of a company.On the basis of means of interaction: Customer experiences of this category are influenced by the means of interaction used by the service provider before, during and after the sale of their services and products.

They normally use direct sales teams, web portals, dealer networks, contact centers and social networking sites for this purpose. On the basis of processing and delivery: The process of assembling, manufacturing, delivery, repair and maintenance of the products and services also influence customer experience greatly. The quality of services provided by the service provider is the main concept in this category.

Considering all of these categories the service providers make decisions to invest subsequently, in order to establish and maintain the customers’ experience. Similarly buying decisions of the customers are governed by the information they get from the connected customers of the service providers. A suitable match in both of these opinions can make an ideal setting for the service provider but still customers’ experience can change anytime.

What is World Class Customer Experience?

Actually an ideal customer experience can not be defined easily as it changes with the mood and opportunities available to him but still there are certain conditions and expectations of the connected customers from the service providers that can keep them loyal to them.

Transparency: The service provider should present all the information and facts in an easily acceptable, professional and respectful manner to the customers. In plain words the service provider should respect the limitations of their relationship with the customers.

Consistency: The promises made to the customer about quality, coverage, availability and pricing etc. should be consistently honored by the service provider through its various efforts including customer care network, provisions and billing etc. to influence relationship with its customers. It should be mandatory for the service providers though technically they may not get positive results necessarily.

Dynamism: Rapid, immersive, personalized, and competitive actions of the service providers affect the experience of the connected customers. All of the connected customers of these service providers expect real-time delivery of the tailor made services at competitive prices for their benefit.

Ultimately the service providers will have to improve their customer loyalty and revenue through the differentiated experience of the customers. This is not a small thing for any service provider as no one in the market is going to support him against his investments. But to continue in the race one will have to transform his procedures and accept thinning margins to maintain his market share.

According to the learned and experienced market experts transformation of customer experience can be defined as the committed transparent, consistent and dynamic behavior of the service providers towards all the four types of customers categorized on the basis of their experiences as discussed above. The focus of the service providers should be on viewing the world through his customer’s eyes to achieve the competitive market successfully and similarly improving the customers’ experience by modifying interaction techniques very effectively.

Tips for Delivering World Class Customer Experience


  • Focus on customer centric services
  • Provide the best possible services
  • Try to create opportunities for unique customer experience
  • Respect the time and opinion of the customer
  • Value the engagements and satisfaction of the customer
  • Brand distinction from your competitors
  • Categorize your customer base
  • Educate and encourage your service delivering staff through incentives
  • Focus on identity, loyalty, relationships and values of your customers for their satisfaction
  • Turn the complainers into supporters by resolving their problems quickly
  • Fulfill the needs of your customers by personalizing your services
  • Treat your customers beyond their expectation as you treat your guests at your home
  • Empower your employees to act as ambassadors to spread the word of promise of your brand
  • You should simply take appropriate action after listening to your customers
  • Improve the quality of your services as your customer is a marketing vehicle for them
  • Combine your customer marketing strategies with your operational processes
  • Attract your previous customers through special interaction techniques
  • Assess your relationships with your customers and refine your processes to solve their problems proactively
  • Your customer care providers should be authorized to take on the spot decisions
  • Improve relationship with your suppliers by treating them like your customers
  • Set the mission of your company after keeping in mind its culture, values and aims
  • Leadership involved in the business should respect customers and employees
  • Always remember 5Ps to provide excellent customer experience – process, product, presentation, price and people.


By following  these customer experience tips, you can deliver world class customer experience.


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