How Providing a Personalized Customer Experience Dramatically Transformed One Company – Interview with Practice Fusion, Operations Associate

With so many differing customers across various verticals, how can you provide a customer experience that directly appeals, assists and addresses the individual customer?

Aaron Bloom, Operations associate at Practice Fusion explains how his company’s Customer Experience was drastically improved by providing personalized, contextual customer engagement and guidance.

Keep reading for Bloom’s CX tips and expert words to live by.

CXperience:  Please tell us about yourself and your role at Practice Fusion

Aaron Bloom: I started with Practice Fusion a little over two years ago and work with the Customer Operations team. My role involves supporting our Customer Success organization by building new tools and processes, advocating for our users with product teams, and by helping implement tools like WalkMe to increase engagement with and understanding of our platform.  

CXperience: What does customer experience mean to Practice Fusion?

AB: Ensuring a phenomenal customer experience is built directly into our core values at Practice Fusion. Every decision we make is driven by our mission to connect doctors, patients and data to drive better health and save lives.

CXperience:  How does Practice Fusion ensure that its doctors, nurses and patients receive the best customer experience?

AB: At Practice Fusion, one of our core values is to “focus on the customer, and all else will follow.” We make sure that our doctors, nurses, and patients have the best possible experience by ensuring that they have a fundamental understanding of our product and suite of features. WalkMe is a key tool in helping our users understand these features and how to make the best and most efficient use of them.

CXperience: What are the best methods for improving customer experience?

AB: Understanding our community’s needs and giving them the tools they need to understand our product are crucial for ensuring a great experience with our platform. We leverage a number of tools to do this, including maintaining a robust community forum. By embedding forum resources in our WalkMe tutorials, users have in-product assistance, as well as more detailed support through our forum – all through a singular training resource hosted by WalkMe.

CXperience: How does usability relate to customer experience at Practice Fusion?

AB: Usability is key to the success of our platform and to our customer’s experience. We design our electronic health record (EHR) to be easy-to-use and intuitive. By adding step by step walkthroughs and automatic alerts for new features, we ensure that our community has the tools they need to make the most out of our free platform.

CXperience: How does Practice Fusion use WalkMe and how does it impact the customer experience?

AB: Practice Fusion leverages WalkMe in several ways. Primarily, we use WalkMe to provide step-by-step walkthroughs of the features of our EHR platform. By giving users the ability to launch these tutorials at any time, from almost anywhere in our system, we ensure that they have the understanding needed to fully utilize our features. We also use WalkMe to auto-display alerts when we release new features. This gives us an opportunity to market our newest and most advanced features, and empowers our community to start using them from their first interaction with our EHR.

CXperience: What are your words to live by?

AB: At Practice Fusion, we live by our core values. One of those values is to ‘Exhibit Integrity Without Compromise’. This is a value I try to demonstrate every day at work and in my personal life.


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