Great infographic – The Best in CX

In this infographic by The American Customer Satisfaction Index, we get the full CX ranking list of the best customer experience benchmark leaders. This list shows us the best ways to evaluate CX.

In the Search Engines category, Google has got no competition. Bing was ranked only in one category – Speed and Reliability of Video Clips– and even that was shared with Google.

Under the News category, the NYT website was the big winner, with Fox News sometimes tagging along. The only category where competition existed was Social Media – in the sub-category of “ease of navigation”, the winner was Wikipedia. Few other sub-categories were ruled by Wiki and shared with Pinterest and Google +. Others winners were Instagram, sometimes sharing the spot with someone else… And lastly – Pinterest was found as the victor in the amount of ads and privacy policy.

2015 ACSI E-Business Customer Experience Benchmark Leaders (PRNewsFoto/American Customer Satisfaction I)
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