2 Small Changes That Will Have Big Results in Customer Experience

Customer experience managers are required to enhance customer interaction and foster loyalty. Consumers expect organizations to offer appropriate information or service as soon as they need it. Customer experience plays an integral role in an organization’s success. An organization has to be willing to put its customers at the center of its business. This can

What is Customer Experience Management Really all About

What is customer experience management? Well, there are a couple answers to this, and it’s probably best to get the shorter ones out of the way first. One answer you should be prepared for right now is “one of the most difficult positions within most companies”. And, that’s true. This is a difficult role, and

Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Better Customer Experience

A positive customer experience is essential, not only for customer retention and loyalty, but also for business growth. According to Accenture, to cite one study, while one may have thought otherwise, price is NOT the main reason for customer churn; it is actually due to the overall poor quality of customer service. Unfortunately some companies

Important Tips for Understanding Customer Experience Better

The customer experience is something that is mentioned and discussed a lot in modern online business literature. It’s cited a lot in pieces discussing the importance of CRM, and choosing CRM software wisely. It’s also discussed quite a bit when it comes to customer service and support as well as marketing and the like. But,

4 Things Really Successful Online Banks Do Differently for a Greater Customer Experience

When it comes to your money, you expect banks to be up to date and also able to perform their job without you having to constantly double check to make sure everything got done properly. When you have to continuously check on the bank, you will become frustrated and seek out another bank which offers

Customer Satisfaction Index Formula

In modern times, Internet and globalization have provided numerous benefits to business organizations in almost every part of the world. However, they have also increased competition and given more opportunities or options to customers. Therefore, it has become a lot more difficult to satisfy customers and gain a competitive edge over your rivals. For years,