Customer Experience Survey Mistakes to Avoid

Customer experience survey has become a very important matrix for business these days. It reveals a lot of information about the product or service a business furnishes. In case of a service business, it is extremely essential that a customer is satisfied with the experience. Dissatisfied customer can lead to a lot of bad publicity for the company and its services. It is therefore absolutely necessary to understand what your customer thinks about your product or services before it is too late. In this column we are going to explore some key survey mistakes that should be avoided at any cost.

Framing Descriptive Questions:

While descriptive answers give a better picture of the customer experience, it is advised to refrain from sending a descriptive questionnaire. You have to take a customer’s time into account. No one likes to take the pain of writing a few lies about their experience and waste their valuable time. If you want your sample size to increase, do abstain from framing open ended questions.

Right approach: Your market research team should concentrate on framing close ended questions. You can also frame questions based on a 5 point or 10 point scale. Both the above mentioned approach takes less time and ensures good response.

Doing a Lengthy Survey:

This is one of the most common mistakes a marketer commits. While a detailed and exhaustive response does help, it also takes a lot of time. As mentioned before, you should always value your customer’s time.

Right approach: You should not frame more than 10 questions in a survey. However, if it is absolutely necessary to go for an exhaustive research, make sure you go for a paid survey. That way your customers will take time to think about the questions and then fill it.

Doing an Untimely Survey:

Often customer feedback forms are sent to customers at a time when they are either busy or too bored to make time and give their valuable time. Sending bulk mailers or texts to customers is easy but it is not always effective. Most companies send mails during the night so, that the customer checks the mail first thing next morning.

Right approach: The above idea is good but extremely cliché. Most people look at urgent mails first thing in the morning. Promotional mails or feedback forms are the last things they want to respond to. It is therefore a very good idea to be spontaneous. If your company had an interaction with a customer, make sure that you ask for his feedback immediately. This is something telecom companies do extremely well. It ensures authentic and quick response.

There are other factors which should be taken care of. For instance, landing page of a survey should load quickly. Avoid flash based landing page as it takes too much time to upload. Make sure to mention the time necessary to complete the survey. Clearly communicate the purpose of the survey with the customer. By taking a note of the above point, you would be able to ensure a good customer experience survey result.



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