My Favorite Articles About CX This Week

This week’s best articles range from how negative experiences can hurt business, to how to improve CX. All of these articles provide important insights that will help you further improve your CX and retain customer loyalty. How Much are Bad Customer Experiences Hurting Your Business? Forrester’s Roxana Strohmenger writes about the CX Index score and

This Week’s Latest in Customer Experience News

In this week’s best in Customer Experience we look at the role of marketing, customer engagement and even the role of customer service in defining and enabling the best in CX. 1. Customer Experience vs. Customer Engagement: Do you Know the Difference? In Olsy Soronka’s article, she presents a solid breakdown of customer experience and

This Week’s Latest in Customer Experience

In this week’s best in Customer Experience it’s all about secrets, insights and keys to happiness. Each of this week’s articles has some important advice on how to leverage loyalty, build trust and lead employees to happiness. 1. The Simple Secret to Earning Customer Loyalty In Ian Altman’s article he outlines the important but simple secret

This Week’s Best in CX News

This week’s best in Customer Experience presents articles on effective communication, improving the multi-channel customer experience, and even the next-generation for next-gen customer experience. 1.100 Amazing Customer Experience Resources for 2015 In this article by Customer Thermometer, they link you to the top 100 customer experience, customer service or customer satisfaction resources. 2.Improving the Multi-Channel

This Week in Customer Experience

In this week’s best in Customer Experience we illuminate some of the opportunities you have with Cloud, identify some CIO skill shortages and even ask you, what do you want your customer experience program to be. 1. Customer Experience Management Using Cloud Computing In Stan Roach’s article, he outlines just why some companies fail and others

This Week’s News in Customer Experience

This week’s best in Customer Experience gazes into the future with some exciting predictions for digital marketing, a look at what Gartner predicts for 2015, and even a look back to 2014 and its lasting influence. 1. 2015 Predictions for CMO’s and Digital Marketing In this article by Gil Press, we learn about the priorities