Customer Experience Infographic: 15 Statistics You Can’t Ignore

This infographic touches on many aspects of customer experience. It debunks many commonly held myths, and clarifies them with actual statistical facts. For example, fact number 2 highlights that customer service can be even more important than the product itself- Customers 4% more likely to switch to a competitor due to poor customer experience, than due to dissatisfaction with the price or product.

This infographic emphasizes the importance of having a great customer experience as it is far more expensive and difficult to obtain a new customer than it is to keep an existing customer. The probably of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, compared to selling to a new customer, which is only 5-20%

By these standards, what company can afford to offer a less than superb customer experience?

Really interesting and enlightening information, here.

CX infographic 15 shocking facts



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