The Best Customer Experience Articles of June 2016

It was another great month for customer experience articles. Though we can’t share them all with you, here is our monthly top-8; featuring articles that will help you reshape the way you interact with your customers. Learn about the powerful connection between culture and experience, gain insights from recent industry surveys and research, and listen to the pros share the most valuable lessons they learned when heading their companies CX teams.

Enriching The Customer Experience With Technology

In this piece, veteran consultant Cliff Tamplin makes an important observation about the intersection of technology and customer experience. One example I found particularly interesting is the way the chip in credit cards changed the way CX works in restaurants. Tamplin provides a fascinating outlook on this little-discussed topic.


Looking for more ways to improve customer experience? Here’s a tip.


5 Ways Online Retailers Can Win at the Customer Experience

This Newsfactor article discusses 5 methods a CX specialist can use to ensure one’s customer experience with an online retailer is as productive and smooth as possible. In short, the methods are: be reachable, track the journey, keep them updated, receive constant feedback, and send emails to keep them in the loop.


Mastering 4 Key Customer Experience Competencies

Good CX for B2B is crucial and can produce customer-centric processes across an enterprise. Good CX begins with customer feedback. The research in this article by Aimee Lucas proves that, with more than 70 percent of organizations analyzed in this report saying that detailed customer feedback led to a significant, positive impact on their CX efforts.


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How To Create A Brand-Defining Customer Experience

With every new customer-centric service that hits the market, the expectation for top-notch CX grows. Customers want to engage with companies to ensure that appropriate changes are implemented. Creating this sort of relationship is brand-defining, ultimately separating winners from losers. Check out the surprising statistics shown in this article and make sure you’re prepared.


Listen, Analyze, Act: The Foundation of Great Customer Experience

In this article, the reader gets a reminder of what makes great customer experience. All you need to do is monitor customer experience trends, understand how they affect you, and strive to constantly reshape your customer engagement. In this new playing field, a dynamic approach is a winning approach.


How Marketers Can Improve ROI on Customer Experience

CXV, or Customer Experience Value is the secret sauce that all the big players use to maximize CX return, and it should be the driving force behind every customer engagement strategy. This article remindes the important of keeping your eye on the ball, and constantly measure in order to improve.


How Employee Culture Impacts Customer Experience

Corporate culture is an ambiguous concept. Many lack the understanding of how to identify it, let alone implement it. This article provides some exceptional examples of real-world corporate companies who made culture a number one priority, and the way they use that to foster good CX.

5 Killer Customer Centric Moves that Boosted Sales

Peter Drucker would have a good laugh if he were alive today. “Oh Peter Drucker, yes of course we know all about him.” I can already see the comments below. Let’s simply say that he developed modern business philosophy. He coined the timeless business advice, “the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” In other words, keep your customers happy with a customer-centric approach.

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