Creating a Killer Customer Acquisition Strategy

With firm customer acquisition strategies, you can progress your brand’s longevity, shine in the industry and also create good online standing. Since the cost of attracting many customers is getting higher, many businesses have resulted to making creative strategies to help keep their acquired customers for the long-term and raise their profits.

Regardless of how many clientele you bring on board, it is important also to note that sales will not improve if the exit rate is high. It is vital to maintain them too. However, for you to successively acquire more customers, it is crucial if you asked yourself some few questions: Are you really prepared to handle more customers? Is your staff geared to handle an entry of more users and what’s your advertising plan?

Creating a Killer Customer Acquisition Strategy

Create a Plan

Having a considerate customer acquisition plan is vital. Even having a simple basic strategy will help you. This is because it gives you direction and aids you to calculate success. Plans do change, yes, but developing a basic action plan for potential customers is non-negotiable. This entails a thorough platform accounting you will use, metrics to calculate your triumph, your profile and the manpower needed to effectively do the entire process. This plan will also help you know what goals you want to achieve, know where you are going to outsource from and how your timeline will look like.

Employ the Right Staff

Startup staffs are known to have many responsibilities. No matter your team’s size, each one must understand your acquisition procedure and what their positions will be during onboarding. You should also be able to quickly react to hiccups in the entire process. For instance, if an unexpected bug is encountered during the sign-up procedure, your team needs to respond swiftly to fix the crisis. Simultaneously, your marketing and communications employees should have the ability to respond to client’s criticisms on social media and proactively communicate on your efforts to solve the crisis. For this to triumph, your entire team should have a clear understanding of who to go to when such issues crop up.

Estimate the Cost of Customer Acquisition 

Before you start the onboarding process, you should have a cost estimate to acquire customers. Your cost to acquire customers is simply defined as the cost of all sales and marketing expenses in a given time period, divided by the customers obtained in that same window. Whilst you will not have a solid sense of your cost to acquire clients till you start acquiring them, having an approximate will help you to get ready. Never underestimate the cost of getting ahead and starting your acquisition before your goods are ready. The only question you must ask yourself before you do that would be, “what baseline merchandise are you are willing to show to your users and what would break without any negative outcomes?”

Create Demand

Although corporate customer acquisition is not easy, the strategy is much more complex for beginners. Conglomerates have greater awareness brand, heavy pockets and an ever developing evangelist’s community. You are not yet there. For beginners, you also don’t have the chance to work with big established brands like Google or Apple where demand for your goods exists already. For this reason, you will need to let customers know that you are in business, show them why they must care and also hold their hands at times, through the conversion method.

As a beginner, you should not create product brand but also its demand. Ensure that your team has the ability to both sell and market your products. They should understand how to generate a firm and growing stream of leads every month. This will help both your potential and existing customers to know your products and have the will to remain and enroll in your timeline.

Create a Perfect Customer Profile

Before you create your killer customer acquisition strategy, you should be able to recognize who your ideal customers are. This will help you shortlist your search to mark the correct market. Being uncertain of what you want makes it difficult to realize when you have got it. Moreover, knowing what to search for aids you to avoid using much time and effort on customers who will not adapt or who don’t need your services or products. After identifying where your prospective clients are, you will then develop a plan on how you can reach and advertise your services to them.

Use Referrals

To create a killer customer acquisition strategy, you should take advantage of your already established customers for great referrals. It is much easier to connect with prospective customers through recommendations because even though they don’t trust you directly, they will trust the people connected to you. Additionally, you can also offer to give incentives to existing clients to persuade them to bring in many prospective clients to you. They could be their friends, acquaintances or family too.

Master the Right Social Media Platforms

Take advantage of tools and widgets, which promote content sharing. You can encourage your existing customers to update and share your information on social media. You can persuade them to tweet about your product exposing them to many newsfeed and updates. In response, all this will expose your product to a much broader network, because you will now leverage on their social circles and network. In addition to this, you can also set up a high-quality blog where you can explain your products in a much detailed way.


According to the definite requirements you wish to gratify, your business may want to adapt an efficient Customer Relationship Management result to aid your company steer through rough sea prospects and to point out the correct customers to bring on board and maintain them. To triumph in business, you have to establish client’s needs and give solutions to meet them. Happy clients are less likely to go if this is done efficiently. Regardless of your company’s size, solid customer acquisition strategy is crucial to the triumph of your business.


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