Best of CX – Your Monthly Roundup!

Plenty of articles have been written about CX this month. Some are insightful and useful, and some…not so much. This post is dedicated to customer experience best of the best. Here, you can learn how to improve customer experience, read your mobile customer experience guidebook, use your five senses to gain great cx, and more. Here are this month’s best articles. Enjoy!


Six sure-fire ways to improve your customers’ experience

Customer experience management helps companies to change the way they handle customer interactions as they happen. This great article exposes the reader to six sure-fire ways to improve you customers’ experience. These are found especially useful in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive market, where  attracting new customers while retaining existing ones requires a fresh approach. Routing calls to the right agent, improving web-based self-service, improving response to e-mail and more can help you achieve that “freshness.”


Your Mobile-Only Customer Experience Guidebook

In this article, Theresa Wegert shares a detailed guidebook to delivering excellent customer experience on mobile. The always-on nature of mobile devices and the intimacy of the medium have created an environment in which consumers expect on-demand, personalized interactions with companies of all kinds. A report by Gartner states that 89 percent of marketers will fail at providing a competitive customer experience unless they offer mobile-enabled interactions in real-time. With the right path to a smartphone strategy, you can fall under the more successful 11%.


5 Tips for Enhancing the Millennial Customer Experience

Times are changing and to succeed in today’s business world, you must be able to adapt your strategies and tactics to the new generation, and that generation is the Millennials. Millennials behave and think differently to Baby Boomers, and so your company needs to address them differently and adapt. In this article, we detail 5 tips for enhancing the millennial customer experience, such as becoming a tech-savvy and speeding things up.


Evolving the Cable TV Customer Experience

One of the main casualties of the internet takeover is the cable and satellite TV providers. This year, a handful of the most successful traditional TV providers in the U.S. have tried, sometimes unsuccessfully, to stay afloat by merging, following a common pattern that’s happening around the globe. What can be one of the biggest differentiations in this shrinking business today is the offering of superior customer experience. This article, by Tom Huston, details the ways TV providers can rise above the competition.


Use the 5 Senses for a Great Customer Experience

In this original article for Small Business Trends, Anita Campbell offers a fresh approach to customer experience. By using grocery stores as an example, she demonstrates how you can use your five senses to deliver great customer experience. With the sense of hearing, for instance, soothing music or even a white-noise machine to mask street sounds makes for a relaxing environment.


Is the Customer Experience Your Magnificent Obsession?

Another magnificent piece by customer experience expert, Shep Hyken. Hyken examines what he calls a “healthy obsession” some companies have, and encourages those of us who lost the “customer experience” enthusiasm to “re-obsses.” By becoming obsessed with delivering excellent customer service, he says, your company can differentiate itself from the competition, as, following various surveys, customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.


Where Customer Experience Is Winning (And Losing) in Government

According to a report from Government Business Council, Government Executive Media Group’s research arm, public satisfaction with federal customer service is at an eight-year low. Collectively, the government’s American Customer Satisfaction Index score of “64” puts it comfortably behind every major private sector industry.

Similar research from Forrester puts the government in the precarious position of serving customers who haven’t had the opportunity to build goodwill toward the agencies that provide services like tax filings, doling out billions in Social Security checks or managing a $1 trillion portfolio of student loans.


Why Innovation Must Build From Your Customer Experience

Another great Business 2 Community article, this time about building innovation from customer experience. Innovation is a way of existence, Pete Sena says. Companies must adapt or die. While companies must continue to develop new, high-quality products, and meaningful new features for established products, there is another approach to innovation they should consider, but is often left on the table: innovating around customer experience goals. Learn where to start, how to build the right business model, how to remove friction from the customer experience and more.



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