Best of Customer Experience

1. Why Customer Experience is the True King

Modern marketers need to up their game to win over their customers’ loyalty in a highly competitive world. Nowadays it’s all about putting the customer’s interest before self. Brent Leary’s best of week article delves deeper into this crucial topic.

2. Forrester – Marketing and CX Management Must Unite

There’s an interesting tussle taking place in the CRM arena pitting marketing against customer experience management. What are likely to be the consequences of this ensuing battle? Forrestor authors have taken the trouble to research and share this crucial information with you.

3. Customer Experience: Marketing without Marketing

Having a thriving community of loyal fans can save you thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent in marketing. This was confirmed recently when Beyonce launched her album without even marketing it. Annette Franz teaches you how to pull a Beyonce in your marketing campaigns going forward.

4. B2B Customer Experience Management Best Practices

Satisfaction, acquisition, retention, referrals and expansion are the three most important goals for any B2B marketing campaign. How do you ensure that your B2B customer experience is up to the mark? Annette Franz gives shares some really useful insights.

5. 2 Small Changes That Will Have Big Results in Customer Experience

The success of any organization is directly tied to its level of customer satisfaction. I have done deep research on customer behavior and expectations in the recent past. Read this article I wrote to find out how to wow your customers in 2014.


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