Best CX Articles of the Week

The summer is coming closer every week, and with it we see more and more thirsty companies –thirsty for great customer experience services. This week I chose five articles, each looking at CX from a different perspective: Failed CX, successful CX, ways to bring success or failure to your CX and the importance of good CX for advocates.


Workers Aren’t Enough for Food Customer Experience

This was one of the more interesting analyses I saw regarding failed CX lately. In this one by Bruce Temkin from CEM, he explains the defects of Comcast’s CX. In an unexpected way, Temkin shows us how the adding of 5,500 workers to the company, isn’t helping their chance for good CX, and actually even ruins it.


Customer Experience for Advocates

In this article by Jeannie Walters from 360Connext, she shows us a specific sector and their needs in customer experience – advocates. Companies with many advocates should know and use them! Jeannie will soon help you understand why.


The Great Takeoff of Saga’s CX

Only two years ago, a British company offering insurance, lifestyle services and many others, Saga, had a CX level graded in the 223rd place. Today it is at 28th. In this one from KPMG nunwood, they explain how they made this astonishing takeoff.


The Human Factor of Customer Experience

“How do we improve our CX”, is the question so many of us ask. One of the best ways to improve it, as we see in this one by Michael Lowenstein, is by using humans. Enter  to behold the magic.


What Can Block Our Customer Experience Skills?

Most and nearly all of us today understand what importance CX has in a company’s success. Still, many organizations and companies don’t bring the best, or even the reasonable CX they can bring. In this article, I offer you 7 common obstacles that may help you improve you CX.

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