5 Tips To Make Your Digital Customer Experience A Success

According to Forrester, more than 80% of customer experience (CX) professionals say their company’s goal is to deliver the best customer experience in the industry, yet only 11% succeed in meeting their customers’ demands. These findings leave CX professionals with a dilemma. They are compelled to rethink their firms’ customer journey map and take bold steps to deliver the best digital experience possible.

To attain their firm’s goal of delivering excellent digital customer experience, CX professionals should employ the following five tips that are tried and tested by the experts.

Tip 1: Use Analytics to Understand your Customer

Today’s consumer is a moving target. Your customer orders provide a minefield of useful data. Ignoring the data at hand is not an option nowadays. More and more companies are using big data to know who their customers are, how they behave, and what kind of experience they desire.

Tip 2: Listen and Learn From Customers’ Feedback

Feedback provided by actual customers is extremely valuable. Reading negative feedback might not be a pleasant experience, but ignoring the issues makes customers feel dispensable and can lead them to share the bad experience on social media. Be sure to monitor your email and social media pages for feedback from customers. Identify the areas of improvement and work on them to make your customer journey more enjoyable.

Tip 3: Build an Integrated Strategy

One of the major characteristics of excellent customer experience is consistency. Today a customer has access to a business via multiple channels: phone, website, email and social media. It is important that you deliver the same, high-quality experience on every platform to achieve your customer satisfaction. Some companies are even going as far as responding to social media comments within minutes to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Tip 4: Get a Third-Party to Audit Your Digital CX

Perhaps the best way to evaluate your digital CX is to see it through the customers’ eyes. To do this, have a third-party audit your multi-channel customer journey. This way, you can break down the barriers and have an unbiased review of your CX’s functionality and user-friendliness.

Tip 5: Examine the Elements of Your CX

Utility, convenience, community, connection, and choice – experts consider these 5 elements the essential part of a great digital customer experience. Determine if your brand offers:

  • Utility – Something valuable
  • Convenience – Easy accessibility
  • Community – Customer to customer interaction
  • Connection – A sense of belonging
  • Choice – Customer empowerment

By putting these 5 tips to use, you can create a digital customer experience that is tailored to your customers and keeps them coming back for more.





Elenis Camargo is the Content Manager at klerigi Group, which is an Innovative Tech Management Consulting firm in Chicago, New York and Miami helping Technology Start-ups, Enterprises and Nonprofits alike GROW outside the box through innovation, business strategy and operations management consulting & execution.