10 Customer Experience Quotes and What we can Learn from Them

Improving the quality of customer experience of your clients is the best way to make sure that you keep getting more business from your customers, and thus getting increased profits for your efforts. However, providing high quality customer experience is not an easy thing, but the customer experience quotes shared below would give you better idea on how to achieve your objectives of improving customer experience.

10 Customer Experience Quotes

1. “Don’t find fault, but the remedy, as anybody can complain.”

By Henry Ford

Every customer has the right to complain. Customers might not be right all the times, but they are customers and you should take their criticism positively and try to improve on your faults, rather than try to find faults in their complain.

2. “People want good service, but few are willing to give it to them.“

By Robert Gately

You should never forget that people are always ready for better service. Therefore, when assessing your service, you should always compare your services with your competitors, and it would give you better view in what ways you can improve your service.

3. “You will not find any traffic jams, if you go an extra mile.”

By Roger Staubach

When providing services to your customers if you “go an extra mile”, which means if you offer them some extra features or services, they won’t dislike it. You would be providing something more than what they usually get in market and this would make them happier.

4. “Always give your customers more than they expect.”

By Nelson Boswell

Customers have an expectation from every business, which is mostly based on their past experiences. Therefore, when you provide customer service that is better than your competitors, there is a good chance that you would satisfy your customers by surpassing their expectation.

5. “Your greatest source of inspiration is your most unhappy customer.”

By Bill Gates

An unsatisfied customer will always tell you about the things that you can improve in the products and services that you are providing. These customers are the best way to understand how you can improve your quality of products and services.

6. “When a brand gets success/profits, it’s hard to keep customer at the focus of business, because success breeds complacency and ignorance.”

By Anna Farmery, From the Engaging Brand

A better customer service is a combination of price and service. As a business owner you must know this and improved business doesn’t mean that you should stop providing your customer with best service at best price.

7. “The most important thing that you should give to your customer is time. Listen to their needs and try to solve their problems.”

By Ginger Conlon, From 5 Ways to Build Customer Engagement

It is important to give your each customer enough time to make them feel that they have been listened. This would make them more satisfied as they understand that you would try to solve their problems.

8. “Employers handle the money, but customers are the one who pay the wages.”

By Henry Ford

Business owners must tell their employees that it’s the customers who are paying their wages, and thus they should treat them respectfully all the time.

9. “Get so close to your customers that you can tell them what they want even before they can realize it themselves.”

By Steve Jobs

You should understand the needs and mindset of your customers. This would enable you to anticipate their future needs and offer them better customer services.

10. “We treat our customers as invited guests of a party we are hosting. We make sure that their customer experience is better.”

By Jeff Bezos

Customers might be paying for the products and services that they are taking, but you should try to give personalized service to them as it would make sure that they feel more comfortable when taking your services.

Customer experience quotes given above would help you in understanding the steps you should take to improve customer service in your business.


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