Best Customer Experience Article of July 2016

Another month has passed, and more interesting customer experience articles were written. But which ones should you read? These 8 articles touch some important aspects of the field of CX, which is still overlooked by certain companies, which are unaware of the benefits of investing in great customer experience. These articles, touching topics like the

The Best Customer Experience Articles of June 2016

It was another great month for customer experience articles. Though we can’t share them all with you, here is our monthly top-8; featuring articles that will help you reshape the way you interact with your customers. Learn about the powerful connection between culture and experience, gain insights from recent industry surveys and research, and listen

Waze Improving Customer Experience With New Update To Avoid Difficult Intersections

Google-owned traffic and navigation app Waze has recently released a solution for a ‘Hyperlocal Driving Challenge’ as it’s referred to on Waze’s blog post. In rush hour situations drivers might tend to stress out as to whether they should turn or go straight. Especially when this quick decision making involves crossing multiple lanes of traffic.