This Week’s Best in Customer Experience

In this week’s best in CX you’ll find that a nod to the importance of social media, as well as some advice from digital business legends.

1. 6 Customer Experience Lessons from a Digital Business Pioneer
In Vala Afshar’s article, he gives some of the best lessons in the industry from Fred Kirsch, Publisher and Vice President of Content at Kraft Sports Productions. Kirsch’s insights are particularly interesting when put in context of his many years of technology innovation and experience.

2. In the Social Age: Customer Experience Must Come First

In this article by Ted Coine,  he well articulates the challenges and opportunities that have been presented by social media. By identifying just how instant social media communications have become, he helps us learn a thing or two about the improvements required to make your customer experience a most powerful  (and instant) one.

3. Model for Customer Experience Management Strategy
In this article by ClearAction, we learn about the importance of strategy for customer experience, which is sadly lacking for most organizations. This article walks us through the truths we need in order to get the very best business results.

4. Small Business Online Customer Experience
In Jose Capelo’s article he offers up suggestions  to better your customer experience by making it unique, simple and personal. If you’re looking to leverage your online experience, Capelo’s article offers significant insight into the process.

5. This Fall, Don’t Let Customer Relationships Turn Cold – 5 Tips
Finally in this article I look at just how to keep your relationships warm, even though there is a chill in the air. From boosting your social media presence to increasing your employee training, I think you’ll find a way to give your customer relationships new priority this fall.


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