Top 5- Weekly CX Article Roundup

What I love about the Best of the Week roundups, is how controversial and multifunctional they can sometimes be. Look at this week’s posts, for example, which offer fresh perspectives. From Indian customer experience to using wine in our special world of CX. You are welcome to read and expand your customer experience horizons.

1. How To Enhance Your Customer Experience With A Wine Bar

Let’s start with the usual (but always essential!): the almighty Shep Hyken. This week, Shep wrote an article for Forbes, about the marvelous idea of the “wine bar”. What is the wine bar? Basically, when going out, it is agreed that having a wine bar improves the image of a place. For that reason, Shep offers to find the equivalent of wine in our experience. The wine symbolizes the thing that attracts the customer to use the service or experience and come back to use it again. It is not only about bringing customers to the company – it is also about keeping them in business.

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2. Your New Secret Weapon to Maximize Customer Experience

Augmented Reality. It will change your whole view on customer experience. Think of the ability to create something, out of nothing, to appear in front of you. A hologram that allows you to try on a scarf you want to buy, or have a closer look at that TV screen you looked at in store…

According to this LinkedIn article by Daniel Burrus, the experience each customer gets is more realistic than it ever was before. For the first time, the customer experience replaces the customer service – because we don’t need to go to the store anymore. We can have a shopping experience using our phones. This is the future.

3. European Brands Fail to Deliver on Customer Experience

We all know how much the customer experience industry have grown in the last few years. Still, I’m surprised by how much more companies need to know about their own CX.Look, for example, at this: Emma Hall from AdvertisingAge, wrote a great article analyzing a research made for Forrester. According to the survey, 70% of European businesses define customer experience as their top priority, but none achieve a decent experience. Why does that happen? Read and be amazed.

4. ‘Chalta hai’ no more: Why customer experience strategies in India need overhauling

This article takes us to a different part of the world. We mustn’t forget – customer experience and businesses in general do not exist only in the western world. Actually, as this article by Pranjal Kshirsagar from FirstPost Business, shows, customer experience is generating more and more power in India.

The days of the “Chalta hai”, or “everything goes” experience – are gone. Today, Indian customers are more pro-tech than before, though still, the CX in India according to a survey of Forrester is barely OK. What would you suggest?

5. How Changing Your Call Center Experience Will Improve Your CX

Okay, you caught me, this one hasn’t been written this week, but it’s so good I couldn’t keep it out of this list. The call center experience is a pretty big thing in customers’ lives today, something certain CEOs should remember. The call center experience is compiled of several important aspects, way beyond the call center structure. You will be surprised to see how small changes can improve your call center experience, even without changing the whole organization or company. This article is a must for call center workers and managers.



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