Vimeo Revamps Mobile Website and Improves Customer Experience on the Go

By: Matthew @BlogCX Thomas

At the beginning of the month, Vimeo  rolled out a revamped mobile website aimed at making the site more user-friendly. In one sentence – You no longer have to be signed-in to watch Vimeo via social media.

Changes include reduced clutter, improved performance and allows users to interact with the service while logged out. On the updated site, users who aren’t signed in can like videos and even add them to a “Watch Later” list to save them for future viewing.

With so many people visiting Vimeo on their phones, Vimeo wanted to make it easy to watch and share videos, no matter where you may be. To do so, they redesigned the mobile site from top to footer to bring full-screen videos and fewer distractions. Vimeo also tweaked many things under the hood to make it faster and 4G-compatible on multiple devices.


The brand-new site you see on your phone is merely the first of many Vimeo mobile advancements — more features are on the way, including integration with their native apps.

Vimeo is doing all that in order to increase users’ time on site beyond watching one video. They now show users more recommendations as well as other sharing options after the video completes.

Vimeo is one of the top digital media sites today, with over 55 million users as of September according to comScoreOver half of Vimeos traffic came from mobile devices. We’ll have to see the data for Q4 2014 to see if this revamp succeeded.


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