Video- the Epitome of Outstanding Customer Experience

Sometimes You Just Want to say Thank You #TDThanksYou

Showing your customers that they matter to you is an important part of any CX. In this great video, TD Canada goes above and beyond to give their customers a special thank you for their loyalty to the business. Customers will always appreciate gifts of thanks, but what makes TD’s thank you truly extraordinary is the way they personalize each gift. A simple cash reward can never equal the impact of a trip to visit your sick daughter or the chance to take your kids on vacation.

What makes the TD thank you so effective and so emotionally appealing is the time and care they took in finding the right way to say thank you to each customer. This sends the clear message to customers that TD cares about who they are as people, not just as numbers on a list. The most important lesson to take away from this video is to respect and thank your customer not just as customers, but also as human beings. The tremendous impact of the video and the surprise of the customers are signs that customers don’t often receive the thanks that they should. Showing your customers that you care will give you a competitive advantage and ultimately create a better CX.









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