[VIDEO] The Customer Experience of the Future…

In this day and age, customer experience is all about the customer making requests and the service providers doing their best to address them. Instead, wouldn’t it be great if the company could anticipate their customers’ needs before they even think of them themselves? What if, instead of filling out feedback surveys in order for a business to learn where to improve, the company already knew because they know their customers so well?

Well, we’re not quite there yet with the mindreading, but here’s a short video that shows you what it could be like.

This short clip starts by showing a futuristic driver interact with his holographic windshield. The car anticipates his needs before he’s even aware he requires the services.  But this is not the main idea behind this video. Besides the cool technology and gadgets, this video shows what the ideal customer experience could look like.

Looking for more ways to improve customer experience? Here’s a tip.

Any company can greatly enhance its customer experience simply by becoming more insightful and sensitive to the customer’s needs. By anticipating the customer’s needs and wants, the customer experience becomes practically perfect. Each one of has been a customer at some point, even us customer experience representatives, so we all know how we would prefer an experience to play out. Companies should always strive for perfection, and maybe someday we’ll be able to provide an experience similar to the one in the clip.


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