Understanding the Interactive Customer Experience

The interactive customer experience has managed to envelop the strategic skills of marketing engagement and customer interaction and engagement in one fine bow tied prospect of enhancing customer satisfaction. Customers have also been found to rather invest their finances and time with companies that practice this unique structure of providing them with high quality satisfaction that is not simply rated with the sale of the product or services but rather with the ability to receive beyond expectations customer services.

Key Drivers of Interactive Customer Experience

Customers are always investing their money with several secondary expenditures that can be adequately defined to serve the main purposes of either purchasing a commodity or service as a necessity, comfort or even for luxury. No matter the purpose of purchasing the product or service, organizations have come to realize that simply equipping themselves with marketing and sales departments as well as the customer service departments, they are constantly losing clients as they have not initiated the opportunity to enhance the experience of customers as they invest with them.

Organizations need to remember that every client is very important no matter their level of expenditure and every client needs to be provided with high quality experiences that leave them in awe and simply implement the prospect of self- advertising for the company. This is to mean that the pleasurable experience that customers experience with each new company is reflected in the model ways the clients carry the prestigious reputation of the company to the outside world.

Understanding the Interactive Customer Experience

If it was a remarkable experience you can be sure that the customers will definitely increase the company’s customer panel with sending out a great word of having acquired a good experience with the company. Thus the key drivers towards ensuring that all your clients’ are able to achieve their own satisfaction beyond their measure with your organization include managing your customer with these three components in mind:

1. Customer retention improvements

The customers need to feel confident with your supplies whether it is in formed in products or services offered. They also need to not be made to feel not too strange or different or entirely new to the company but rather made to feel as comfortable with this new investment as they would when living at the comfort of their own homes.

Therefore, the best ideas with this key driver is to make sure to have a good conversation with each of your clients understand their tastes and preferences, previous bad or negative experiences with other companies well enough to understand what do and what not to do. The self- defined example of providing a comfortable environment for the customers as that in which they live in is very important and the clients can be able to express any mistakes accorded directly to them by any company staff well enough and address this matter directly and have it sorted out as well as provided with another comfort that would enhance their experience.

With this in mind customers are bound to flood their investments with your company versus use them with other companies in which they do not get any real surety of receiving high quality customer experience.

2. Customer satisfaction improvements

Due to new trends of providing customer services uniquely and affably, an organization does need to always analyze their previous year levels of customer satisfaction that they provided and strike up epic ideas towards raising this bar. To that effect a SWOT analysis is most appropriate as the company will outline its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

With each new idea proposed the comparison will be made with the SWOT analysis in order to compare and understand the levels of risks articulated to implementing a new idea. This can be practiced every quarter year or annually in order depending on the organizations structure and model of enhancing the quality of services they provide for their customers.

3. Up- selling and cross- selling improvements

Up- selling is generally understood to be the ability of inducing the purchase of more expensive products and upgraded items by customers in order to increase the profits accrued. Cross- selling is the ability to sell an additional service or product to the organizations current customers. With this understanding, the integration of both techniques is bound to produce the surmountable goal of increasing the customers’ satisfaction as they do not feel like they have left behind any products or services they may require to increase their satisfaction beyond their own expectations.

Customer Experience Analysis

The customers are always drawn towards organizations that enhance their ability to be relaxed and dissolve all their doubts from previous negative customer experiences as they engage in a zealous moment of having their ideal and unique satisfaction fulfilled beyond their own expectations.

It has been reported that more than eighty six percent of customers tend to leave their previous connection with other businesses as a result of bad customer experiences. This is a very serious movement that is intriguing organizations to implement better ways to enhance the quality of the customer experience they provide for their clients on a daily basis.

More than sixty percent of customers have also been reported to move due to the existing gap of receiving a fully satisfying and unique customer experience that enables them to interact directly with the company and other customers as well.

More than ninety percent of customers were reported to move to the competitive businesses of the negatively impacting company. This was mainly due to the fact that poor customer experiences did create a greater hunger of exploring what seemed inevitable while being placed under poor customer experiences in the past.

With this information in mind, it is very clear that organizations need to start gearing up their ability to provide the highest quality customer experiences by combining the strengths of marketing, sales and customer services into one main epic customer experience model.


The interactive customer experience begins with the ability to enhance management strategies of an organization well enough to create an affable environment that leaves an inerasable grand experience for every client new or old.


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