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It’s been a long week full of surprises and new online articles in the world of Customer Experience.

Here is a review of some of the top CX articles that I came across this week. Enjoy!

5 Ways to Keep Customers Knocking on Your Door for More

Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky are well known for their renowned Baublebar. They sell customized jewelry to clients from across the globe. Rebekah Epstein takes a look at how they established their business as well as tips for small, medium and large corporations on how to create and keep customers. The information provided here will surely help you expand your market base and sales in the long run.

“Sucking Less” is Not a # CX Strategy

A study carried out by Forrester Research shows that at least 93% of all companies focus more on customer experience. However, it is heartbreaking to see that only 37% of all the companies have set aside some resources to improve customer experience. Annette Franz (Gleneicki) takes a look at this issue and provides suggestions on how to change this trend for the better.

3 Cornerstones of Leveraging Customer Collaboration

Customer collaboration is one of the most effective strategies of establishing loyal customers. Unfortunately, most companies have not invested enough in this strategy as evident from various studies. Here are three surefire tips from Brenda Christensen, an experience high technology corporate communication and public relation expert, on how to improve customer collaboration

14 Customer Experience Facts Marketers Can’t Ignore

Does your strategic planning in line with the international customer experience facts and guidelines? Robert Graham, a renowned blogger in this niche provides 14 first hand customer experience facts to help you determine if your strategic planning is in order.

Tips for Creating a Positive Customer Experience On Your Website

Earlier this week, I wrote an article on how to establish a positive customer experience on your website. It is a proven fact that the design and usability of a website has a direct impact n its customer experience. To improve customer experience, you need to first ensure that your website is in line with your customers’ needs and expectations. Here are some nuggets on how to do so if you missed them the first time.

Microinteractions Lead to True Brand Love

Nowadays, shoppers have unlimited ways of shopping for various items. Based on this fact, retailers have no option but to ensure that they embrace these technologically advanced shopping methods in order to build credibility and reputation of their brands. Jeannie Walters, a Chief Customer Experience Investigator takes a look at how microinteractions help business to increase their sales.

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