Top Customer Experience Conference 2013 to Attend

It’s actually way too late in the year for a customer experience conference 2013 list. Most of the more important and useful ones have already been held by this late in the year, and given that holidays are approaching rapidly for half of the world in November and December, we have little choice but to include a few that are forthcoming in 2014 as well.

Well, this is still viable as a customer experience conference 2013 list as now, still on the tail end of 2013, you have time to plan for some of the big conferences coming up at the beginning of next year, as well as possible one or two still being held this year.

So, we apologize if some or all of these are actually slated for 2014, but given how late in the year it is, this is all but inevitable. So, having come to terms with this little problem, let’s look at the conferences the future has to offer.

#1 – Next Generation Customer Experience (San Diego, CA, 18-20 March, 2014)

This one’s a big one, looking to the future of application of new technologies and social trends for marketing, engagement and customer service and support within customer experience.

If you’re only going to attend one conference in the next six months, this is probably going to be the one to attend. Since it’s still 2013, you have plenty of time to review the agenda for this one, and to plan for attendance of this critical, forward thinking conference.

If you want to get in on the new schools of thought, and don’t want to wait for blogs to tell you about it after some company has already capitalized on it, then this is how you ensure that.

#2 – Akendi UX Training Program (Toronto, Canada, 18-22 November 2013)

You’re in luck because there are two noteworthy conferences yet to be held internationally this year, this one being one of them.

Just a hop, skip and a jump away, in Toronto, this one brings you up to speed with user experience, which is one of aspects of customer experience often glossed over as “oh this is where the service is used, skip over that”. Well, that’ a bad attitude to have, and this is the perfect conference to attend to come to terms with that, if you’re an outsider to UX. You can network with UX experts, learn about the human and technical aspects involved and obtain a more rounded view of customer experience as a whole this way.

#3 – USECON – RoX 2013 (19-20, Vienna, Austria)

Yeah, this one calls for more travel, but don’t feel bad if you’re not a German speaker as this is one of the international conferences and much of it will be held in English and other languages as well.

This is a good chance to network with customer experience gurus from other parts of the world and get a better view of how many different cultural and national demographics must be handled with varied approaches in customer experience.

So, for this customer experience conference 2013 list, we actually do have two still being held this year, but they’re the international ones due to how late in the year it is.

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