Top 5 CX Reads

1# New Study:  Cloud Of Things Could Make Customer Service Better, Humanity Worse

According to experts, technology will improve daily transaction by 2025. However, there are a number of caveats that need to be sealed. Here is an article by Adrienne Lafrance to help you understand this concept better.

2# Forrester: CX Jobs the Hardest To Fill With Digital Pros

Quick research online shows that digital businesses are growing at a very high speed as evident from the increasing number of companies are looking for IT savvy employees. However, CX jobs are hard to fill with digital experts. Al Urbanski looks at this trend professionally.

3# The True Meaning Of Customer Intimacy

What does customer intimacy really mean? You will be surprised that some expert marketing executive do not understand this concept. Here is a white paper by Rachel Alt Simmons to help you grasp this concept better.

4# Customer Experience Undercover Boss Of All Employees

To achieve any success, you have to strive to deliver high quality customer experience. It the undercover boss of all your employees. Lynn Hunsaker takes a closer look at importance of customer experience in businesses.

5# How To Give Your Customers An Unforgettable Experience

It’s every business entrepreneur goal to give customers the perfect experience. This goal is usually not achieved. Here is an article I wrote to help you improve your customer experience.


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