Top 5 CX Articles

1# The Digitization of Everything-Its Impact on Customer Experience

In a move to ensure that they keep tabs on technology, most companies have now digitalized most of their operations. Brian Vellumure looks at how this new trend affects customer experience.

2# Effective Tips to Improve Your Post-Sale Customer Experience

Post purchase customer engagement is very important as evident from a marketing metric research that shows it chances of selling a new product to a brand new customer is less than 20%. Here are some effective tips from William Johnson on how to improve customer experience at post-sale stage.

3# 7 Customer Experience Rules From Richard Branson. CEO OF Virgin 

Richard Branson owns one of the most successful businesses in the world. The secret is in delivering quality customer experience. Here is a list of his personal 7 rules on how to deliver good customer experience. Written by Flavio Martins

4# Customer Experience-the CEO’S Critical Asset

Simply put, customer experience is the relationship that exists between a brand or company and its customers. Here is a quick article by Dennis Fois, CEO OF Rapide on why customer experience is important to any business.

5# How to Crack the Code to Unforgettable Customer Experience

Delivering an unforgettable customer experience can work in or against your favor depending on its quality. Here is an article I wrote earlier this week on how to crack this code of customer experience and give customers the best service ever. Here is the article to help you understand the ways of delivering good customer experience.


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