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By: Matthew @BlogCX Thomas

In this week’s best in CX we showcase the top 60 customer experience influencers, and identify the ways that customer experience may just happen, with or without you.

1. Customer Experience Happens To You Not Because of You… But It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way
In this article by Brian Solis,  he argues that the customer experience happens with or without you. In an industry frought with good intentions, Solis’ article helps outline the challenges we all face in this changing customer experience landscape.

2. Customer Experience: 10 Best Practices That Separate the Leaders from the Laggards

In Errol Greene’s article about customer experience, he outlines 10 of the best practices of CE leaders. These top 10 practices, used by the best companies, won’t all be new to you, but you’ll undoubtedly find some exciting suggestions in many of the practices he suggests.

3. Top 60 Customer Experience Influencers

When it comes to the top 60 Customer Experience influencers, Jen Cohen Crompton’s article lists and links us to so many. Marketing executives, Customer Service Professionals, and even social media marketers, this list is an excellent who’s who of CE influence.

4. The Ideal Customer Experience is No Experience

In this article by Don Peppers takes us away from the idea that our customers are coming to us for “an experience’ and back to the idea that our customers need us to meet a need or want. His work helps us understand just what the ideal customer experience is when we want a “frictionless” experience.

5. 5 Tips For A Successful Cyber Monday Customer Experience 

Finally in this article we outline some great tips that everyone can benefit from on Cyber Monday. From understanding your customer buying patterns to ensuring that our site can handle Cyber Monday traffic, these tips are sure to get you on your way to providing a better cyber Monday experience.

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