This Week’s News in Customer Experience

This week’s best in Customer Experience gazes into the future with some exciting predictions for digital marketing, a look at what Gartner predicts for 2015, and even a look back to 2014 and its lasting influence.

1. 2015 Predictions for CMO’s and Digital Marketing

In this article by Gil Press, we learn about the priorities and predictions for 2015 in digital marketing. From customer experience to renewed digital marketing emphasis, this article will help you prioritize for your own business.

2. The Customer-Experience Mandate: Build Lasting Engagement with Better Websites
In Paul Burns’ article he tackles digital customer experience and engagement through better, faster and more dynamic website.

3. Customer Experience: Summing Up 2014
In Maz Iqbal’s article, he looks back on 2014 in customer engagement using a particularly interesting anecdote with a number of critical lessons for us all.

4. Gartner Predicts a Customer Experience Battlefield
In this article Gartner makes some solid predictions about the customer experience battlefield in 2015. It’s many insights will help you focus on the changes ahead.

5. Top 10 Fascinating Customer Experience Trends for 2015

Finally in this article we tackle some amazing customer experience trends which will be a big deal in 2015. I’m sure you’ll find some of the top 10 particularly intriguing.


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