This Week’s Latest in Customer Experience

In this week’s best in Customer Experience it’s all about secrets, insights and keys to happiness. Each of this week’s articles has some important advice on how to leverage loyalty, build trust and lead employees to happiness.

1. The Simple Secret to Earning Customer Loyalty

In Ian Altman’s article he outlines the important but simple secret to earning and keeping customer loyalty. In particular he looks at just how businesses can “own” their problems instead of pushing them back onto their customers.

 2. Customer Journey Mapping: Apply Insights Everywhere

In this article by Lynn Hunsaker she looks at just how to leverage your customer journey map to build insight and customer understanding.


3. Leading Employees to Happiness: How Employee Emotions Impact Your Customer Experience
In Anne Blackburn’s article she looks at four key ways to support your employees, while positively influencing your teams and your employees emotions.

4. Four Key Qualities of a Customer Experience Leader by P. Cory Hogan
Tuula Fai presents this article on the four key qualities of a Customer Experience Leader as defined by P. Cory Hogan. From emotional intelligence to creativity, the ideal CE leader is innovative, creative and emotionally in touch with those they lead.
5. The Building Blocks of Next-Gen Customer Experience

Finally in this article we look at the five ways that you can ensure that your team is a leader in the reshaping of the customer experience.

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