This Week’s Latest in Customer Experience News

In this week’s best in Customer Experience we look at the role of marketing, customer engagement and even the role of customer service in defining and enabling the best in CX.

1. Customer Experience vs. Customer Engagement: Do you Know the Difference?

In Olsy Soronka’s article, she presents a solid breakdown of customer experience and customer engagement. After this article, you’ll be sure to note the differences and the impact on customer interaction.

2. How Are Marketers Optimizing the Customer Experience?

MarketingCharts presents this article on the optimization of the customer experience by marketers. Using the findings from a new study, they present some critical research and statistics on marketing changes.

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3. How Customer Service Can Neglect Customer Care

In Liz Kislek’s article, she examines just how marketers are neglecting customer care by focusing on  “efficiencies” instead of a more nuanced and careful examination of the customer experience.

4. Positive Employee Engagement Enables Great Customer Experience

In this article by Flavio Martins, he engages with the critical process of employee engagement in order to build a better customer experience. He points out that a revolving door of employees will mean a revolving door for customers as well.

5. 5 Online Insurance Challenges That Are Detrimental to Your Online Customer Experience Efforts

Finally in this article we look at some of the online insurance challenges which present particular trials for your online customer experience. From information overload to customer frustration, this article will address just what you can do to make a smooth and more customer sensitive experience.

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