This Week’s Best Reads in CX

This week’s best are about building the right kind of customer loyalty, understanding the importance of customer service strategy, and finally about finding innovative ways to build and enhance customer loyalty with improvements to your online experience. I think you’ll find this week’s articles to be informative myth-busters.

1. 7 Ways to Keep Customers (Really) Loyal

This article by Erik Sherman helps to reiterate the importance of the right kinds of customer loyalty. How do you know if their loyalty is the kind you need and can count on? I think you’ll enjoy Sherman’s outline of just how to make loyalty happen, and what to look for in results.  

2. Is Your Customer Service Strategy Hurting Your Brand?

Nick Toman’s article discusses the importance of readying your customer service team for increasingly complex issues. We know how important it is that customer service employees be ready, but are they ready for your most irate and most difficult clients? I think you’ll appreciate Toman’s statistics and strategic advice.

3. The Innovation Imperative: Customer Loyalty Won’t Save Your Company From the Collaborative Economy

If you’re still making the mistake of assuming your loyal customers will always be loyal, you need this article by Augie Ray. His statistics and information about the emerging collaborative economy are insightful. I think you will find this article especially illuminating.

4. What’s Different About Today’s Multi-Channel Customer Experience?

This article by Peter Wermter is about the about the multi-channel customer and the need to deliver a consistent, streamlined experience across devices. I think you’ll find his outline of 3 critical changes in the multi-channel environment particularly interesting.

5. 7 Tips to Drive Customers from Like to Love with their Online Experience

And one by me- I hope that you’ll enjoy this article, which I wrote to help identify the ways you can strive towards an even better CX. From utilizing social media to encouraging your users to leave real-time feedback, there are 7 tips to help you build an extraordinary experience.


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