This Week’s Best of Customer Experience

1. One Easy Way To Tell What You (Or Your Customers) Really Love
Martin Khin’s article about the keys to understanding and interpreting customer engagement via customer behavior.

2. The 60 Second Customer Experience Evaluation
This article by Flavio Martin walks us through 60 seconds of questions which will provide you with a more solid understanding of how customer focus and customer service integration are organized in your own company.

3. 6 Expert Insights for an Improved Customer Experience
Penny Vilantonio delivers some important ways to ensure you’re first building customer loyalty and then building customer advocates.

4.  2014 Top 50 Most Active Influencers in #CX – Customer Experience
This article by Hsin-Ju Chuang helps highlight the accomplishments of leaders in the area of customer experience.

5. Great Video: Customer Experience – Example of How Not to Do It
This article by outlines a video example of just how to turn away business by providing the worst customer experience imaginable.  Take note, you may be doing some of these things without realizing it.



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