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The Little Things That Destroy Your Customer Experience

Most CX managers tend to focus too much on the big things at the expense of the ‘small’ things that impact their businesses. So, what are these little things that most of us tend to ignore all too often? Adrian Swinscoe describes a good number of them suggesting various on how to tweak them accordingly.

Becoming the Zappos of (Your Industry): Customer Experience and Bottom-Line Results

Good customer service is an opportunity for any organization to shine, regardless of which industry they belong to. Micah Solomon uses the example of Zappos (an online shoe and clothing company) to expose the reader to the importance of playing a leading CX role in their industry. This article is all you need to adapt, survive and thrive as a CX manager.

Delivering a Sweeter Customer Experience

The secret to delivering a sweeter customer experience lies in looking for simpler and easier solutions for your customers. Bill Loller, IBM Smarter Commerce, VP, offers two simple tips on how to ensure your CX is up to the mark. The article is quite superb for those who use mobile marketing as part of their business strategies.

Getting Social Customer Experience Right

A well-run social customer care plan is essential for surviving in the modern-day market-place. Dave Evans takes a look at three examples of top-notch companies that have been making good use of social media CX. The author narrates his own experience using these three real-world examples; as a customer.

Zappos: A Customer Experience Company That Happens To Sell Shoes

And here’s one by me- Zappos is a living example of a company that has invested heavily in customer experience. We were lucky enough to spend some time with Jonathan Wolske, one of the people behind Zappos insightful customer experience. Jonathan narrates the story of how Zappos rose from an ordinary company to a big customer experience hub.


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