This Week’s Best in Customer Experience News

In this week’s best in Customer Experience, its all about meeting your customers in 2015. From a guide to meeting your CX goals to 10 CX trends for 2015, this week’s articles help us look a little more clearly at our customer relationships.

1. Don’t Sabotage The Customer Experience Speaking Jargon to Your Customers

Micah Solomon’s article addresses the difficulty with jargon while dealing with your customers. While this isn’t a problem in every industry, a lack of clarity in this industry can sabotage any customer experience you’re committed to.

2.Meet Your Customer Experience Goals: A Four-Step Guide
In Kate Feather’s article she offers a practical guide for reaching your CX goals in 2015. From defining your success specifics, to getting disciplined about your reviewing process, this article offers up some excellent suggestions.


3. 10 Customer Experience Trends for 2015

In this article by James Ainsworth, he outlines the 10 key areas in CX which will gain traction in 2015. This article will surely help all those who may already be anticipating changes this year.
4.Top 10 Fascinating Customer Experience Trends for 2015

Finally in this article we peek into the future and outline some of the most fascinating CX trends in store for us in 2015. From the embrace of social media to more positive employee engagement we think you’ll find an interesting number of positive opportunities in 2015.



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