This Week’s Best Articles on CX

#1 Brand Loyalty: It’s the outcome, not (just) the program

This webinar put on by Bond Brand Loyalty outlines which brands programs yield the highest scores from consumers’ loyalty initiatives.  Many questions are answered about brand loyalty and communications, trust and mobility of services.

#2 Building a Customer Experience When the Experts are Your Customers (Not You)

This article by Micah Solomon focuses on trusting your customers to know what exactly they need. It does a solid job of outlining the importance of self-service in helping your customers act as experts in their own solutions.

#3 Consumer Reaction Causes Cheerios to Pull New Legal Policy

This article by Colin Shaw outlines the difficulty that  followed General Mills when they found out that Cheerios was doing them a disservice with  new legal policy.  From a Customer Experience perspective there’s a significant lesson here and Shaw demonstrates it well. Customers can be offended by changes that they are not consulted on, and lost trust can be nearly impossible to regain.

#4 Top 10 Predictions for the Future of Customer Experience

Jen Cohen’s article peeks into the future. She outlines the importance of positive customer experience and then goes so far as to  define what she expects will be ours in the not to distant future. From never again finding yourself out of stock to personalization of everything you could possibly require, the future looks bright.

#5 Don’t Drag Me Through a Call Centre Maze, Take me on an Effortless Journey

This infographic showcases just why call centres should be thrown out, and customer engagement in. Simple is best and customers know it. Let all customers choose their own adventure.


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