This Week’s Best Articles in CX

This Week’s best involves influence in CX. These articles address the very best influencers in the field, the influence of technology and of customer experience giants like Amazon. I hope you will enjoy these articles for their important nod to industry influence.

1. 5 Ways Amazon Changed Has Changed How Everyone Thinks about Customer Service

In this article by Flavio Martins you’ll learn just how Amazon has impacted CS standards. From new innovations to a commitment to customers like no other, examples from Amazon serve as a lesson in CS innovation.

2. Crafting a Compelling Customer Experience

In this article by CapGemini Consulting, you’ll learn just how important creating the best and most compelling customer experience is for your business.

3. 9 Tools to Help Fix the Customer Experience Gap

In this article by Joe Ruiz he offers some great tips on how to narrow the Customer Experience Gap and fix any particular challenges that you may be facing.

4. Top 60 Customer Experience Influencers

Jen Cohen Crompton’s article walks us through the work of the top 60 Customer Experience Influencers. From the Top Executives to the top in CE, you’ll find a list of the best in the field.

5. Great Ted Talk: The Technology of Storytelling

Finally this article will walk you through the Ted Talk by Joe Sabia who addresses the way that we’re telling stories differently.  Not only does it address the importance of storytelling but it also outlines just how important the technology behind our storytelling is.



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