This Week in Customer Experience

In this week’s best in Customer Experience, we look at macro and micro trends, the role of employee emotions in your business’s success, and even some CX mapping that is bound to be helpful in 2015.

1. Three Micro-Trends of The Retail Customer Experience
Jeannie Walter’s article outlines some of the ways that the retail customer experience is becoming smaller and why this is a positive thing for sales and for customers.

2. Leading Employees to Happiness – How Employee Emotions Impact Your Customer Experience
Anne Blackburn’s article on emotional intelligence in the workplace helps you, as a customer experience leader, support your employees emotions and build more effective employee engagement.


3. Do Bank Branches Still Matter? Retail Banking and Customer Experience
Micah Solomon’s article tackles the role of brick and mortar banks branches and their particular appeal in this otherwise mainly self-service industry. Solomon’s article emphasizes the importance of familiarity and human beings in anchoring the customer experience.

4. 4 Reasons Customer Experience Needs Open Standards

Jeroen Verberg’s article outlines the main reasons behind the necessity of open standards in customer experience. From customization to integration and innovation, Verberg’s  article will help you build a solution that will allow your business room to evolve.

5. Customer Experience Mapping – Best Practices

Finally in this article we tackle the role of customer experience mapping, and its importance in tracking your customer’s journey. In particular, we outline the key methodologies utilized in the customer experience mapping process.

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