The Week’s Best Reads in CX

By: Matthew @BlogCX Thomas

In this week’s best in CX, these articles outline and define the best customer experiences, articulate the importance of customer feedback, and identify the personal part of the customer experience.

1. Managing Post-Purchase Moments of Truth: Leveraging Customer Feedback to Increase Loyalty
Clay Voorhees, Paul Fombelle, Alexis Allen, Sterling Bone and Joel Aach wrote this report which outlines the critical encounters which leave the best impressions on customers. From the managerial implications which can lead to new strategies to enhance customer satisfaction to the social and financial rewards possible, this report outlines findings that will help you leverage customer feedback to the best of your ability.

2. What Do We Mean By A “Great Customer Experience”?
In this article by Ben Davis he identifies the best customer experience as that which is defined by its timely and relevant availability to the customer. He specifically outlines what he means by relevancy and how it relates to customer experience.

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3. Why You Need to Take Customer Experience Personally
In this article by Theresa Mills, she argues that the “personal” is the most important part of the customer experience and the part that leaves the biggest impact possible. It’s the personal experience which creates customer loyalty and which makes us love the brand.

4. In the Social Age Customer Experience Must Come First
In this article by Ted Coine, he addresses the importance of social media amplification and the fact that it can make or break a brand.

5. Great Video: The Secret of Customer Loyalty is Customer Experience
Finally in this article we explore a great video by Oracle and the way it outlines the role that CX plays in sustained growth and long-term success of a business.

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