The Week’s Best in CX

1. Customer Service Leadership: How to Transform the Behavior of Customer-Facing Employees

Micah Solomon’s article addresses the importance of developing leadership in customer service. This article uses a few excellent customer service examples to help better understand the importance of leadership and of finding one’s purpose in CX.

2. The 5 Habits of Customer-Centric Companies

This article by Tricia Morris discusses the importance of customer-centricity and the five habits of customer-centric companies. Her examples of the best in customer-centered businesses are offered up here as an example of the skills we should all be looking for in order to elevate our own CX.

3. Three Tips to Perfecting the Mobile Customer Experience

Bill Loller’s article helps us better understand the needs of the mobile customer,   especially since the typical mobile customer is extremely task oriented. From perfecting the user friendly interface to the importance of consistency, this article helps build the case for a strong mobile CX.

4. Get Your Team Emotionally Engaged for Exceptional Customer Experience

This is an oldie article by Flavio Martins which I have read before but recently read again, since he posted it on Twitter. If you haven’t read it yet you should. It stresses the importance of ensuring that your customer experience staff feel emotionally connected to their tasks in order to achieve your CE goals. He stresses that in order for a customer experience vision to take hold, emotional involvement is key.

5. Customer Experience Management – The Next Customer Strategy

This article outlines the exceptional video about customer experience management. The video is recommended for all those who work to make things a little brighter for their customers.


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