The Week’s Best Articles in Customer Experience

By: Matthew @BlogCX Thomas

In this week’s best in CX takes on the importance of creating a customer experience culture, in redesigning your organization around customer experience, and about raising the bar for a delighted customer base.

1. 10 Leadership Steps to Transform Customer Experience Culture (And Day to Day Customer Service)
In Micah Solomon’s article, we learn about the 10 things we must get right as leaders in order to transform and enhance customer experience culture.

2. How to Redesign Your Organisation Around Excellent Customer Experience
In Ben Davis’ article he outlines Clive Grinyer’s advice on the CX design process. Grinyer is the CE director at Barclay’s and adds a number of ways to take a fresh look at CE at your own organization.

3. Satisfied vs. Delighted: Raising the Customer Experience Bar
Jeff Crowe’s article tackles customer loyalty and the role of design in the provision of a personalized, easy to use and exceptional design. Crowe outlines just how to maintain a great experience and how to put in continual effort in order to delight your customers.

4. 5 Common Mistakes that Derail the Customer Experience
In Flavio Martin’s article, he addresses 5 key mistakes that we make regularly which derail the Customer Experience. From failing to invest in features or tools, to failed documentation, Martin’s mistakes are common to us all, and he offers the

5. Powerful Infographic: 2014 The Year Of Customer Experience

Finally in our article we outline the infographic “2014 The Year of Customer Experience.” With some surprises, and some information that will simply underline what you already know, this infographic and summary will help you start engaging with online reviewers immediately. 

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