The Top 6 CX Articles of the Week

Welcome to another weekly roundup! Inside, you’ll find the biggest customer experience trends you should prepare for, the best way to draw a customer journey map, and some insights on where customer experience and virtual reality collide.


1. 2016: The Year of Customer Experience

This Social Times Magazine writer had an amazing revelation, of how customer experience takes over our lives. As laid out in this great article, customer experience will, without a doubt, be one of the biggest aspects of the marketing industry in the upcoming year, making 2016 the year of customer experience. What I loved the most about this article, was the way the writer interpreted customer experience – “What I’ve realized more and more recently — and I think the industry is finally catching on wholeheartedly — is that no customer interaction, marketing or otherwise, should ever be done in a silo. Everything is interconnected”. Customer experience is everything, and it is the future of business.


2. Customer Experience Takes the Lead at American Express

The staff at VB have a worth-read take on American Express’s Small Business Saturday campaign. They found it to be a “program that put the customer first”. Why? The answer is simple – the Small Business Saturday is all about the customer – The journey to success started when American Express started wondering what would the customer like. They chose small businesses to cooperate with, using data collected during years and years of serving customers. The data they used showed them the needs, the likes and dislikes of certain customers, and with those, they were able to create a campaign focused on the personal experience.


3. How to Use Content to Improve Your Customer Experience

Rachel Foster from B2Community, was amazed by this statistic: in 2020, 85% of customers’ service, won’t be human. Foster figured that nowadays, digital customer experience problems may be caused by the lack of human support. In her article, she shares her potential solution – content. According to her, a correct use of content can replace the human assistance. For example, Foster offers to make the content as accessible and personal as possible. Why? Imagine this – if your customers understand all they need from your content, what reason do they have to look for human assistance?


4. Lessons in Great Customer Experience from an Unexpected Place

We all experience technical issues from time to time, but it was David Orgel who turned this experience to a great post: In this article, Orgel from Supermarket News shares with us an interesting experience he’s been through – when his favorite calendar app gave him a headache. He didn’t expect much when he approached the company for help. However, he was up for a surprise when he received a personal response, addressing all of his issues. In the end, this great list of tips came out, so we’re happy.


5. The Next Revolutionary Phase in Customer Experience

Many of us today understand that virtual reality is the future. We can already see it in the gaming ecosystem in the last few years. According to this great post by Michal Lenchner from, CX is the next ecosystem in line. In her article, Lenchner describes the way VR has taken over other ecosystems, and the way it might affect the field customer experience as well…


6. 4 Critical Stages of Customer Experience Journey Mapping to Maximize Returns

Apparently, 94% of customers will renew their SaaS subscription if they had an effortless, smooth customer experience. We must understand how to maximize the customer experience journey we create, if we want to be part of this statistic. In this article, I give tips on how to do exactly this: for example, my suggestion to you is to look at your product from the customer’s eyes – if you want to know how your customers feel about your product, ask them. Do all you can, and make all your sales persons, marketers and so on, work hard in order to deliver that.

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