The Key to Customer Experience Monitoring

Whether you are an online business organization or an actual business on the ground but for its success customer experience monitoring is necessary to know about your customers’ satisfaction. Though it is easy for a real-time store to know about the problems of the customers and resolving them but for an online business one has to rely on the information received from the exiting customers online. In this condition it becomes difficult for an online business to resolve the problems of their customers and retain or make the customers come back as they are not visible to the management.

Though online businesses can observe their websites to know what is happening on them including what their customers are doing while leaving their site but they can not know the reasons behind quitting the website by the customers. This slow performance on the website can cause abandoning of the transactions by the customers which ultimately cause financial losses to the businesses.

So, especially online businesses have to focus on monitoring their customer experience as any reduction in their sales will deprive them from achieving their sale targets which is important for the companies depending only on their e-commercial activities.

In order to provide excellent customer experience the online retailers have to consider all aspects deeply regarding the activities of the customers when they visit their website so that they can keep the customers involved in shopping and happy along with resolving their problems speedily.

An e-retailer has to observe every activity of his customer after visiting his website alongwith the mode of response of his system to every click of their mouse with the help of customer experience monitoring.

The benefits of monitoring customer experience can be easily understood through the example of Thomas Cook, a global travel service. More than 40% of Thomas Cook’s total business in UK is conducted through the UK website of the company. But significant sales and high volume of potential traffic usually slows down the speed of their website.

But company’s existing monitoring system was unable to recognize the issues relating to IT and website performance required to understand the reducing trend of the customers visiting their site.

Thomas Cook was able to understand the impact of customer experience on its databases, applications and infrastructure along with the way their system responded to every click of their customers with the help of customer experience monitoring solution.

The IT team of the agency was able to immediately resolve the problems as soon as they observe them along with maintaining the high performance of the website by getting the clear view of their infrastructure by monitoring customer experience. As a result of this monitoring the agency was able to reduce the time spent in resolving customer’s problems by 97% i.e. from 48 hours to 2 hours and increase its business by not less than 30%.

Tips for Customer Experience Monitoring

Thus you can easily understand the importance of monitoring customer experience for an online business. Some tips are provided hereunder to help you in improving the performance of your own e-commerce website as well as supporting the revenue targets of your business.

Instead of observing only the activities of your customers on your website you should understand his entire experience

You can truly understand the customer experience provided by your website by adopting a real time monitoring solution which can capture the entire communications of your customers to alert you about the behavioral patterns and negative trends shown by them and research across them to find out the reasons of the problems arising there.

Use Customer’s Perspective to Observe the Performance of Your System

People usually do not consider the importance of availability and performance of any application until they are generating revenue through them. You should choose a customer experience monitoring solution that can help the IT team of your business in tackling the issues at priority on the basis of their impact on your business by in linking application transactions with customer transactions. Hypervisors, storage and network are some of the solutions that can help in organizing a support system of monitoring metrics to help IT team in teaming up the application transactions in a better way to achieve the targets of the business.

Focus on Peak Performance Instead of Good Performance Only

It has been proved through various researches that rate of conversion is directly related to the speed of a website. Thomas Cook has selected a monitoring solution for customer experience after understanding the importance of peak performance for driving revenue so that its IT team can be alerted about the issues affecting their customers in real time and can be resolved as soon as possible. The company’s website has observed an increase of 30% in its bookings along with increases in the average transactional value and the number of hits by working at peak performance. It has also decreased the volume of online customer service calls by 50%.

Focus on Recapturing the Lost Business

Monitoring the customer experiences will also help in re-capturing the business lost by your site when your customers abandoned due to various issues. Thomas Cook has used a monitoring solution that helped their retention teams to get shopping details of their customers who have abandoned their website and recovered their lost business for nearly $200,000 within a short time of three months by following up the potential customers to facilitate them with new bookings through emails.

In this way poor performance of your business website can compel you to lose revenue along with your online customers unless you adopt a practical monitoring solution for observing customer experience that can resolve the problems faced by the customers who have abandoned it some time back. You will be able to bring back and keep your customers shopping on the basis of the details you have collected by monitoring their experience on your website.

Thus the online businesses which understood the importance of customer experience monitoring have recovered their lost business by improving the performance of their website.


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